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Statement of Purpose

AIMS & OBJECTIVES OF Stanmore Clinic Limited

Stanmore Clinic Limited T/A The Northwood Surgery
0207 993 5602
CQC Service Provider ID: 1-1989872339
Location ID: 1-2262162890
Registered Manager ID: Dr Parul Karia

The Northwood Surgery is a private GP service. It was started by Dr Parul Karia, initially to see patients for Acupuncture treatments privately and also as a venue for her Medico-legal Practice. As a result of increasing demand for private General Practice services, the clinic offers patients an appointment only service for primary healthcare needs. Patients are offered a full range of GP services during consulting times. Aesthetic beauty treatments are also available.

From May 2015, Stanmore Clinic will trade as “The Northwood Surgery” as the location of the surgery will be in Northwood Hills.

We provide a wide range of Primary Medical Services under independent arrangement, all of which apply evidence-based medical standards as established by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence.

Our goal is to provide high quality, effective treatment and advice in safe surroundings and to make the Patient’s visit to us as comfortable and productive as possible.

Patient’s Rights and Diversities are always honoured and respected at all time. The dignity and human rights of our Patients are paramount. We respect the duties and responsibilities of a doctor as laid out by the General Medical Council, as well as the principles and values of Good Medical Practice which underpin our Patient and healthcare ethos.

For routine care, we will carry out regular examinations and assessments to establish the needs and wishes of individual Patients. Treatment options are explained and choices respected.

If someone has an emergency and is a registered Patient, we will endeavour to speak to them and give advice on the day of contact and to see them within an appropriate period following contact within consulting hours. Patients will be clearly directed as to how to access medical attention out of consulting hours.

Patients are regularly consulted through informal chats and patient Satisfaction Surveys.

Appointments are established according to the needs of the individual, with the appointments system being transparent and easy to understand.

The individual requirement for privacy will be respected at all times and all information relating to individuals will be treated in a confidential manner.

Medical objectives
The Practice aims to:

  • Offer skilled care to enable Patients to achieve their optimum state of health and well-being.
  • Treat all Patients with respect at all times.
  • Uphold the human and citizenship rights of all who receive treatment, work and visit here.
  • Support individual choice and personal decision-making as the right of all Patients.
  • Respect and encourage the right of independence of all Patients.
  • Recognise the individual uniqueness of Patients, staff and visitors, and treat them with dignity and respect at all times.
  • Respect individual requirement for privacy at all times and treat all information relating to individuals in a confidential manner.